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Nutrition Month with Vivify Wellness Dietitian

Nutrition Month 2019: Brought to you by Vivify Wellness

This Nutrition Month, why not take the opportunity to learn more about your eating habits and how you can feel good about your choices? 🍽️
Follow along with some tips from Heather Bray, a Registered Dietitian at Vivify Wellness in Jack Nathan Health Medical Centre in Walmart Vaughan Woodbridge.

Questions about nutrition, wellness, and diet? Sign up for your FREE 15-minute initial consultation to discover how you can nourish your body and enliven your life through food! Call Vivify Wellness at 289-657-8707 or email info@vivifywellness.com to book your appointment. We’re here to help!

Nutrition Month Tips #1: Load up on vegetables and fruit! Check out the new Canada’s Food Guide for suggestions on how to balance your nutrition. Our dietitians can help you better understand your diet; contact us today!

Nutrition Month Tips #2: Choose whole grains over white flour; it’s a quick and delicious fix!

Nutrition Month Tips #3: Add dairy to your day! 🧀 Be mindful of portions and percentages; our dietitians can teach you how to read food labels so that you can shop smart!

Nutrition Month Tips #4: Incorporate lean meats and plant-based protein. 🍣 Alternatively, if you are vegetarian or thinking of starting a meatless diet, our dietitians offer programs tailored to your needs! Check out our Lifestyle Nutrition Program under the Specialty Menu at https://buff.ly/2We9sBx

Nutrition Month Tips #5: Healthy fats do exist! Choose avocado, salmon, nuts, and other food items high in good fats. Not sure where to look? Let our Registered Dietitians guide you! Sign up for a 15-minute initial consultation, absolutely free of charge.

Nutrition Month Tips #6: Cook with your kids tonight! Help foster healthy relationships with food. 🥄 At Vivify Wellness, we offer Grocery Tours where a Registered Dietitian will walk the aisles with you; bring your child along!

Nutrition Month Tips #7: If you struggle with packing healthy lunches, you’re not alone. Check out these tips, and then give us a call at (289) 657-8707 to see how we can help you and your family through our Family Health Program!

Nutrition Month Tips #8: A fresh grocery shop can be exciting as you build your meal plans for the week! 🛒🍓 Did you know we offer private Grocery Tours? Walk the aisles of Walmart with us! 

Thanks for following along with our tips this month! We hope you feel better informed on how you can nourish your body and enliven your life. Our Registered Dietitians are always happy to chat with you about the joys of food, and to help you discover what’s right for you.


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