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Food allergy awareness month 2018 jack nathan health

May – Food Allergies

This month, Jack Nathan Health will be creating awareness on food allergies and providing tips on how to avoid allergy triggers and what to do if you, or someone around you, is having an allergic reaction. 

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada. #allergyaware

Food intolerances are different than food allergies. Don’t confuse these two. If you are unsure, consult with your physician today.  Click here to find a Jack Nathan Health clinic near you.

Differences between allergies and intolerances - good allergy month - jack nathan health

A person can be allergic to any food. Reading ingredient labels on foods, taking special precautions in food preparation and ensuring proper hand washing and cleaning go a long way toward reducing the risk of an accidental exposure.

Tell your family, friends and partners about your food allergies to avoid accidental exposure. Stay safe!

Avoiding allergic reactions - food allergy month in Canada - Jack Nathan Health

Have an Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan and share it with the people in your life. Always carry your epinephrine auto-injector and check the expiration date!

What is Anaphylaxis. Symptoms of Anaphylaxis. Food allergy awareness month - canada - jack nathan health

According to Food Allergy Canada, 1 in 2 Canadians know someone with a serious food allergy. That’s why it’s important to learn more about allergies and how you can help someone who is having an allergic reaction.

5 emergency steps to take when you or someone is having an allergic reaction - food allergies month - jack nathan health

Make sure to always carry an epinephrine auto-injector with you! It contains life-saving medication in case of an allergic reaction.

what is epinephrine auto-injector? what does epinephrine auto-injector do? food allergies - jack nathan health

Food Allergy Canada reports that over 2.6 million Canadians self-report having at least one food allergy. Living with food allergies means being prepared and staying safe.

Allergy safety check list - avoiding food allergy reactions - food allergies - canada - jack nathan health

Even a very small amount ‘hidden’ in a food or a trace amount of an allergen can cause a severe allergic reaction. Make sure you take special precautions in preparing your food or when eating out.

what is cross-contamination in food allergies how to avoid cross-contamination. jack nathan heath

Food allergens can be passed on through saliva from people and pets. Stay safe and take extra precautions. Make sure people in your life know about your allergies.

Avoiding cross-contsminstion. reusing risk of cross-contamination. food allergy reactions. jack nathan health

Did you know that allergens can stay on sponges and towels? The safest option is to use disposable methods, such as paper towel or wipes.

tips to reduce your risk of getting food allergy reactions. wash your hands to avoid cross-contamination - food allergies by jack nathan health

The more that family and friends understand your allergies, the more they can support you and help you stay safe.

Tell your family, friends and co-workers about your food allergies. living life with food allergies. jack nathan health

Dining out with food allergies can be a challenge, but it can be done safely. The best way to stay safe is by being informed and communicating your needs.

eating out with food allergies. sad tips when dinning out with food allergies. jack nathan health

Be informed on how the food is prepared, communicate your needs to the restaurant staff. Here are some tips on dining out with food allergies.

tips for dinning out with food allergies. jack nathan health

Think about how cross-contamination can happen and try to avoid that situation. Here are some tips on how to avoid #crosscontamination when eating out.

tips on avoiding cross-contamination when dinning out food allergies. jack nathan health


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