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Jack Nathan Health International

Did You Know? An international footprint has become increasingly more important as globalization minimizes the distance between countries.

What We Do Internationally: Jack Nathan Health is working to transform traditional health care by providing patient-centric health care services and personalized care to each patient we serve across the globe.

Jack Nathan Health’s International strategy is grounded in our overall mission to improve access to health care and the provision of consistent, quality care.

Why We Care? Recent reports indicate that lack of access to basic health care services and variations in quality care are persistent problems in many of the world’s regions.

Through our international engagements, Jack Nathan Health works to share Canadian knowledge, collaborative innovations, entrepreneurship, deliver services and forge closer connections with our international partners.


Jack Nathan Health’s strategy in China focuses on sharing best practices, innovations and enhancing access to quality health care.

Please Note

Clinics are independently owned and operated under license by Jack Nathan Medical Inc., and not affiliated with Walmart.  Jack Nathan Health is a registered trade-mark of Jack Nathan Medical Inc.  

Jack Nathan Health Head Office does not obtain patient related information. We cannot answer any medical related questions you might have; therefore, a patient must contact his/her physician regarding all medical matters.

Jack Nathan Health Head Office does not book appointments or provide clinic specific information. Please contact the clinic directly to obtain information on physician schedules, wait time status or clinic specific services etc.