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IBS Awareness Month with Jack Nathan Health

IBS Awareness Month: April

April is #IBS Awareness Month. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic functional gastrointestinal disorder that affects up to 20% of Canadians.

With treatment that’s right for you, you can stay on top of your symptoms and live a healthy life!

Talk to your doctor about how best manage IBS.

Studies show IBS could affect as many as 13-20% of Canadians at any given time. If you experience these symptoms or discomfort/ pain anywhere in your abdomen, speak to your doctor today. Click here to find a Jack Nathan Health clinic near you.

Try different foods and take notes about how these foods affect you, in order to find out what actually works for you. Working with a Registered Dietitian like those at Vivify Wellness can help! Click here for tips on nutrition.


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