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Back to School – August 2018

It’s already August, which means that the new school season is right around the corner! Jack Nathan Health will be providing you with some health and wellness tips to assist you with getting children ready for school.

Getting your kids ready to start the school year involves more than finding the perfect backpack, buying school supplies, and shopping for new clothes. It means safeguarding their health, so they’ll be physically and mentally ready for the challenges of heading back to school. Consider these tips for a healthy start for your child’s new school year. #BackToSchool

Students who eat breakfast are more alert during class than those who don’t. Plus, the right foods combined with adequate rest will help their bodies fight off infections. Visit our Wellness Blog to get more tips on nutrition

Schedule a check-up! An annual physical exam will ensure your child is healthy and virus-free before going back to class. Click here to find a Jack Nathan Health clinic near you

At least a week before classes start, shift your kids from summer carefree sleep hours to bedtime schedules more in line with the school year.

Back to school is also a time to start cutting back on playing computer games and watching television. According to the Canadian Pediatrics Association, recreational screen time should be limited to no more than 2 hours a day. Help your child with this transition by encouraging reading or playing quiet games an hour before going to bed. 

Don’t miss the early signs: changes in behavior, academic problems, anxiety, depression and self-harm. If you notice any unusual behavior in your children, try to talk to them or to their school teachers. Communication is key! 

Start the conversation. Ask open-ended questions instead of questions that have a yes or no answer and you will be sometimes surprised how much your child might have to say!

Young people can keep secrets from their parents for many reasons, but if a foundation of trust and understanding is in place they will be more likely to reach out when they really need help. 


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