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The Annual Health Assessment

Live Your Best Life with our Annual Health Assessment!

Exclusively at Jack Nathan Health Medical Centre in Woodbridge

At Jack Nathan Health Medical Centre, your Health Assessment goes beyond a typical yearly check-up.

We strive to create a system that promotes proactive health and preventative care. The Annual Health Assessment is the starting point to help you live your best life.

What is the Health Assessment?

An Annual Health Assessment at the Jack Nathan Health Medical Centre is a comprehensive evaluation of your physical health through interactions with a variety of health professionals all in one affordable and convenient visit.

The goal of this program is to provide you with clear and detailed information about your current health and any future risk in terms that are manageable. You are also provided with the detailed information and resources needed to assist you in living your best life and in making healthier choices.

Your Patient Journey

What's included in the Health Assessment?

During a pre-scheduled 3-4 hour visit, which is offered at times that are convenient for you, you will receive an in-depth head to toe evaluation. This includes meeting with our doctor, nurse, movement and body alignment coach, and registered dietitian to gather a comprehensive report of your health and identify any areas of risk. Assessments will also include various diagnostic tests tailored to patient needs.

With our on-site laboratory, test results for blood work are provided the day of assessments, so it can be reviewed by a physician during a private consultation at the end of the visit.

Breaks in the Lounge are provided!

Let Us Take Care of You

In between sessions of the assessment, you can take a break in our comfortable lounge. Throughout the assessment you will have access to free healthy snacks and refreshments, breakfast or lunch.

1: Laboratory Visit

Comprehensive Blood Work

Receive full-panel blood and urine testing and an ECG at Dynacare's Laboratory and Health Services Centre prior to starting your Health Assessment. 

2: In-Clinic Registration

Reception Sign-In

Visit the reception desk and sign in for your visit. You will be introduced to a concierge who be your personal guide throughout the appointment and answer any questions you may have.

3: Registered Practical Nurse Exam


Once checked in with reception, you will meet with a nurse to measure your vital signs, review immunization records, and go through your medical history.

4: Physician Exam

Complete Medical Consult

Next, you will meet with a doctor for a consultation, including a full physical examination.

5: Movement & Alignment Coaching

Fitness Assessment

Receive a fitness assessment to evaluate your needs. Meet with our Movement & Alignment coach for a practical session to understand why you experience back, hip, neck or leg pain. You will be shown some simple exercises tailored to you, to improve your alignment. 

6. Dietitian Consultation

Nutrition Analysis

Vivify Wellness's Registered Dietitians provide you with a nutrition assessment where you will be provided with a customized nutrition program. You can even set up an appointment to go on a Grocery Tour in Walmart and walk the aisles with the dietitian.

7: Physician Follow-Up

Review Results, Referrals if Required

Finally, reconvene with the doctor to review your overall health based on the information gathered, summarize the day’s assessments, and answer any final questions regarding your health risks. The doctor will also assess the need for any referrals to specialists.

8. Reception Check-Out

Follow-Up Appointments

Return to reception to book your follow-up appointments with any specialists.

How much does it cost?

Your comprehensive Health Assessment is only $495 + HST.

We pride ourselves on providing a cost-effective version of a full-health assessment; similar medicals available at a few locations in Canada, are in the range of several thousands of dollars. 

The Jack Nathan Health® Annual Health Assessment is affordable, and represents a major step in our commitment to revolutionizing primary healthcare.

Please Note:

Initially, the Jack Nathan Health® Annual Assessment will only be available through the Vaughan location in Ontario. Further rollout to come in the near future!

How do I sign up?

Book online, by telephone (289-657-8703), or in person at the clinic. We accept all major credit cards.