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April – Daffodil Month

Daffodil Month  – the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual campaign to bring awareness for the #FightAgainstCancer. 

The sales of daffodils help fund life-saving research, information and support services.

Why yellow daffodils? daffodil month cancer awareness - jack nathan health

It’s important to find #cancer as early as possible. Know what’s normal for you so you can notice changes. Visit your physician regularly for your annual exams and medication reviews.

Find cancer early. Each province and territory has their own health insurance plan. Make sure you know what cancer screenings your plan covers.

cancer prevention and care - daffodil month - jack nathan health

Cancer Awareness – Eating well is an important part of reducing your cancer risk. Click here for health info and tips on nutrition.

Start making positive lifestyle changes to feel better and live longer! Quit smoking today – click here for smoking cessation tips.

cancer prevention - make healthy choices - daffodil month - jack nathan health

You can take small but important steps to stay on the path to great health no matter what age you are. Click here for tips and benefits of physical activity.

Always see a doctor if there are any changes to how you’re feeling or if you have new physical symptoms. Click here to find a Jack Nathan Health clinic near you.

make informed decisions - cancer prevention - daffodil month - jack nathan health

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